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After 30 years in the industry, we’ve experienced our fair share of good and bad moves, and we’ve found that the best moves all have one thing in common.
Plan your move and you’ll have a much smoother (and less costly) experience. Here are a few tips to ensure your moving day is more organized:

Few Tips

Remember, trucks need a safe space to park, load and unload. If you live in an apartment with low-entry garage, or your home has a narrow drive, do let us know. Accessibility is really important for us to get the job started quickly and safely. The more we know about each location, the better prepared we can be and minimize stress and costs for you on the day. If direct access to your property is not possible, one thing to consider is parking your car outside to reserve a place for the truck. When the trucks arrive simply move your cars giving the truck the closest possible access ensuring a shorter walk saving time.

If you’re downsizing from a home to apartment, remember to check lift accessibility at your new abode. Here are just some things to consider if your building has a lift:

  • Organize lift keys – Some building managers have access to keys that lock off lift for your exclusive use; this stops the doors from closing on the movers while they are trying to load and unload the lift enabling a quicker move
  • Organize lift booking time – Some buildings require the lift to be booked for a certain time period; this is generally to keep moving times away from peak lift usage periods
  • Ensure lift is padded – This is sometimes building policy so check with the onsite manager
  • Check the size of the lift – Some buildings have specialized goods lifts which are generally larger than your standard lifts, this helps with regard to large awkward items, make sure you consider any large awkward items if there is only a standard lift available, there are cases where some items will not fit in the lift and this may mean the stairwells may need to be used. If that’s the case it may add to time of move.

Now is not the time to be a hoarder. Remove any of your unwanted furniture, household items and clothing. This is the perfect time to make some cash and sell your unwanted belongings on eBay or hold a garage sale. The fewer items you have to move, the shorter time it’ll take and the less it will cost you!

You can move smaller furniture and non-essential items to the garage so it’s easier for the movers to load up on the day. You can also dismantle any non-essential furniture too which again will save us time on the day.

The more helpers the better – They can help you take care of all the small items which will save everyone time, and leave the larger things to the professionals.

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